XXXVII. Redneck Wellness in Gömörszőlős

XXXVII. Redneck Wellness in Gömörszőlős - November 13–16, 2014.
Dear Gömöringers, November will come to see awesome activities, such as continuing with the building of one of the Hungarian strongholds of sustainability, repairing a roof, nursing saplings, erecting a reed folding, finishing the compost-heated green house under construction, and whatnot!

As our master says: “countless are the tasks!” So let us help bridle the to-do list and spend a beautiful weekend together amongst the hills of Gömör.

As is our wont, we will arrive in the “Valley of Tales” on Thursday evening and start work on Friday morning. We will stay until Sunday afternoon; therefore it is very important that everybody really arrive on Thursday evening if possible (both in body and soul)!

Arriving: afternoon/evening of Thursday, November 13, 2014
Leaving: afternoon of Sunday, November 16, 2014

In the biofarm:
- hot works in deep mulching gardening: planting berries, harvesting crops;
- building a folding for Gizike;
- fixing the roof of Pohánka Estate;
- arranging the nursery, preparing planting out.

In the educational yard:
- fixing the basket compost;
- turning and relocating kitchen compost;
- laying willow fence for the composting toilet.

Participation is free but subject to filling out the following application form!!!

We have set our hearts on organizing carpooling. Thus if you happen to come by car, please let us know so that those “carless” could join the ride. I will leave Humus House at 8 pm on Thursday by minibus, after my training finishes. I will take people from there.
Another solution is to take a train to Putnok; from there we will take everyone by minibus. To enable that, arrivals should be coordinated, so we suggest everyone to take the following train on Thursday:

Departure: 4.30 pm. Budapest, Keleti pu., SAJÓ IC. (it should leave from platform 1.)
Arrival in Putnok (after changing in Miskolc): 7.28 pm.

If you check out, forward and dig the following, that would be a great service to Mother Earth! :)
Sustainability Plan of Gömör
ÖKO-Pack: a Partner for the “Bee” Programme
Educational films on sustainability by the Institute of Ecology
Redneck Wellness on FACEBOOK:
Institute of Ecology on FACEBOOK:

Learn more:
about travelling, application:

Gergely Hankó
+36 70 249 61 13

about the detailed schedule, info on Gömör:

Andrea Vigh
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