Our voluntary work takes place at a long weekend each month. This time we welcome those who would like to get an insight into the everyday life of a “sustainable village”.

The life cycle of our present consumer society is unsustainable in the long term. Our values are distorted; material assets are more favoured than morality, ethics and our health. Biodiversity has been decreasing in Hungary as well; native species extinct and the types of lands disappear. In parallel, the centuries-old organic culture of our ancestors is also disappearing; which is essential, moreover, it is of higher importance in order to be successful in adapting to our changeable environment.

Our activities include the creation and formation of circumstances necessary for the sustainable lifestyle; as well as we provide information about all these afterwards. The participants can get an insight into the local production of semi-natural food (permaculture), how livestock farming works as well as the reduction and the use of renewable energy. Our aim is to introduce the idea of being independent from the big supply systems, to reduce the environmental impact and to learn about the production of local food and machines. The volunteers acquire these alternative and innovative solutions by carrying out practical, physical and mental work.

Our aim is also to acquire new information as well as to put it into practice while continuously making the rural life more and more attractive and making the practices learned here useable everywhere with the help of local reports by involving the widest possible publicity.

Our wellness-package includes:

  • the sustainability of extensive orchards: pruning, planting, mowing, etc.
  • the building of solar fruit dryers,
  • composting in practice, making basket composts,
  • the raising of animals (vaccinations, feeding, milking, etc.)
  • cheese production, baking bread,
  • the production of vegetables,
  • exhibition of films, talks and presentations.

In order to implement the project, we involved sources and volunteers in the work by using the wide publicity. Within the topic of sustainability, we arranged several professional events in Gömörszőlős, which attracted a great deal of interest and significantly increased the popularity of the village and the project as well as the willingness to support the project. Our activities aim to help the work of the Ecologic Institute for Sustainable Development, such as the indigenous fruit programme, the help of the information centre or the preservation of the cultural treasures of the village. “Peasant-Wellness” is organized 10-12 times a year with the participation of 10-15 people per occasion. This means that we are able to actively involve about 150 people into the public work for 3-4 days, a large number of which have constituted of returning guests.

The distance between Gömörszőlős and Budapest is large; therefore, it is difficult to travel there. However, it may as well be considered as an advantage, since this way it is mostly visited by those who are dedicated and committed. We provide solutions to make travelling easier by means of public transport and carpooling.

The colleagues of ÖKO-Pack as well as the activists and volunteers of green organizations belonging to its sphere contribute to the theoretical and scientific knowledge with practical experience, the revaluation of which makes it easier to be presented to the public and media in a much more effective and suggestive way as well as they can be easier applied in everyday life.